Don’t steal media, hire a pro, make them yourself or use: Creative Commons


Looking for music, video, writing, code, or other creative works?

Creative Commons has got you covered. Search for creative work through sources like Google and Flickr right here.

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The Mars Rover is making history, don’t miss out, make your own Rover!

Scientists, Astronauts, Engineers, Photographers, and space enthusiasts are all excited by the recent series of photos being sent from the Mars Rover. 

Image what this amazing six legged little vehicle is doing, how is it getting around? Imagine it all yourself, by building your own Rover.

Out of Legos of course.

Mars Rover Legos
Mars Rover Legos












No seriously, get the complete instructions here.

Electric car chargers are popping up, how much and where are they?

Now that you have your eco-mobile what route do you take to make sure you don’t get range anxiety?

There is a popular destination on Clearwater Beach that has a Fuel Charging station. It’s the Walgreens. Yes, Walgreens is one of the first retailers to invest and allow these new fuel chargers to pop up. First in dense metro areas of New York and California, and now in Florida. 

If you have a friend with one of these cars, let them know that they can inquire if the Walgreens near their destination has a charging station. Prices vary from location to location, on how much it costs per charge, or 30 minutes or 1 hour charge?

Not sure how it works, but this video shows they are pretty simple and look like a modern version of a parking meter.

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